Who is behind this this unique approach to learning and How to Remember?

Joe Thornton is an experienced workshop facilitator, working with groups and in teaching and training since 1993 (in Ireland).  

Joe has been teaching memory techniques since Sept. 2000 at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology; National University Ireland Galway; University College Cork; and various other companies and organisations.  

In 2012 Joe has set up his website:


The reason for this is simple:

  1. To provide information about memory techniques. 
  2. To show that improving one’s memory is actually very simple to do.
  3. To show a sequence that covers everything.

To promote a three step approach that covers all aspects of Memory Techniques. This approach is in essence the very same used by every memory grand-master.

Only now it is presented as a system that is accessible to everyone. 

Joe’s life-time ambition is 

Joe claims that he can improve anybody’s memory.

Challenge him on that !!!

Who is Hjalmar?

Who is behind this game?

Hjalmar Snoep has been a game designer and developer for over a decade, working for companies like Coca Cola and Disney and various other companies since 2001 (in The Netherlands). Over the course of the years he has produced more than 200 games, all original.

In 2012 Joe put an ad on freelancer.com because he wanted to launch a memory game to help with the training. Hjalmar and Joe met online. Hjalmar did the excercises as a preparation for the game and was hooked immediately, he can now memorise a pack of cards in under ten minutes and wow some of his magician friends from MagicCare. But that's not all. He uses these techniques on a daily bases to do much more than parlor tricks. It improved his life.

Together Joe and Hjalmar created this game, so you can have the same kind of experience.